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Learn why all businesses and their business leaders need to think like a day 1 business!

If you’re focused on building a business which is relevant, resilient, agile and has the potential to not only survive but thrive, this is a 
session you’ll want to watch!

2020 is a year that we will study in history books, none more so because of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on all facets of our lives. It will also be the year of fundamental structural change and in particular, how the world does business.
The shift is seismic and profound.
For those businesses who are ready, there will be phenomenal opportunities.

But, you've got to be around for the rebound. 

The question is, what will the 'rebound' look like for you and your business?


In this fast-paced, high impact session I'll focus on 
three critical questions;

How RELEVANT are you and your business right now?
How AGILE are you and what does your agile business look like?
How RESILIENT are you and your business right now? 

If you’re focused on building a business which is relevant, resilient, agile and has the potential to not only survive but thrive, this is a 
session you’ll want to watch!

"It’s Lisa here who used to work with Rorke at Simms International. I attended your webinar this morning which was just what I needed, what a great webinar. Our business has become a bit stagnant so we are addressing some of the areas you spoke about which hopefully means we are on the right track, it’s just about bringing it all together and using your key points. 

When working on certain projects I hadn’t really thought about looking at the outside in; which totally makes sense. I will now ask myself those questions and also incorporate Resilience, Relevance and Agility in to my plans and get my mind set thinking like a day 1 business."

Lisa Rice - Sovaton

Meet Your Host
Hi everyone,

This is me Royston Guest, I am the author of #1 best-seller Built to Grow and RISE: Start living the life you were meant to lead.

You’ve arrived here because you are looking for sound advice and guidance in both your personal and professional life, especially during these challenging and unprecedented times we are facing.

I am the CEO of Pathways Global, founder of The Business Growth Pathway, speaker, business strategist, executive coach, 
husband and father.

If you haven’t already, connect with me on my Facebook page and tune into my weekly Fast Track Friday Facebook LIVE ‘Royston Talks’ session, also you can join my private Facebook Group and access more content, tools and templates.

Of course, if you have any questions at all, join the Facebook group and drop a comment on one of my LIVE sessions.
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